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#22 - Bullets, bullets, BULLETS

Frozen, on fire, explosize, auto aiming, long many kind of bullets allowing to kill enemies in so many ways.

Poor Roger.

#19 - Bullets sexyness

We've got so many bullets everywhere.

Fire bullets, icy bullets, explosives bullets, machine guns bullets, snipers bullets bullets bullets BULLETS. Lionel and Fanny (aka the designer and one of the artist) are currently working on the shapes and the trails of all of them to turn them into something comprehensive in a blink of an eye.

#16 - Looking for the vilains

Yep, they are the vilains. Art team is searching for the boss design and have come so far with squinting scientists using chimistry as a lethal weapon.

#13 - Round 2

A few hours later and a dozen hot fixes later we are back at Gamesfests. Once again we are on booth 38 with controllers and free posters for players. Don't worry, even if you can't beat the game you can have a poster. We are not that sadistic.

#10 - Invading Switzerland

We are on the train to Gamesfest with a build of the game, computer, controllers, posters and sandwiches. Good news is: it's working, functionnal and quite fun. The other good news is we can have some sleep on the train. Goodnight, see you in few hours on our booth.

#7 - Enemies artistic researchs

In the earlier stages of developement artists made a lot of researches for absolutely everything, from the stone on the floor to boss design. Here is a small peak at the results about ennemies. Angry-mummy-rabbit to stupid-mechanic-bird or possessed-sneaky-turtle. We still don't know the final list of ennemies at the moment, but we do know it's going to be something...unexpected.

#4 - Oh no, they killed Roger

Roger was living on borrow time for days now, waiting for our programmer to develop and fix-fix-fix the weapon and shoot system. Our cute but devilish kitten can now loot weapons, equip them and shoot at everything. Yeeees for now we only got one simple gun, but don't worry, the double-chainsaw-machine-gun is on it's way, currently between the hands of our artists.

#18 - The Frog is born

New day, new enemy.

We've implemented the frog. Long distance shooter, deadly if it hits you. If you try to come close you will spook it : it will teleports itself on the other side of the room! Easy to kill but hard to catch.

#15 - About the website

As you can imagine we are a little busy working on the game night and days, and when we sleep it's only to imagine features and technical solutions, but... we have to find some time to make the website. When I say "you" I mean everyone of you who emailed us asking for the website adress: it doesn't exist... yet. We started working on it but it takes time to do it ourselves. For now there is a twitter account releasing artworks and important news - mostly artworks. We planned on creating a devblog integrated on the site, describing week by week the job and releasing artworks and screenshots.

I only can ask you to be patient and to subscribe to the Twitter
Thank you for your support!

#12 - First day down

You've been almost two hundred to take on the challenge on our booth today. We've seen players, casual and hardcore, solo or group of friends, mothers, fathers and kids - we had the full panel, enough to get an accurate idea of what is (or not) working. The twin stick shooter is without surprise kinda hard to use for casual players so it's at the top of the "PLEASE-RETAKE-LIST". The second is about level design, we have to work on bigger, larger and wider rooms, at the moment it's way too small to handle interesting fights.

Anyway, we are going to hotfix technical issues we had today and come back for another round tomorrow.
See ya!

#9 - Content for Gamefests

ALL OF IT. Well I tried but the team give me that "please mute the troll" look. Everything will not be in the playable demo of Gamesfest but the core gameplay will be completely implemented: Mad Kitten's weapon : check. Roger able to die : check. Player respawn : check. Procedural generation : check. 60 different level design patterns : check. 4 different spells : check. Ingame shop : check. Random lunar cycles : check and the last but none the least : friendly fire will be available too. 11 days to go and almost 500 hour/man of work.

I'll probably won't give many news in the days to come, but that would mean we are working for the show!
See you soon at Gamesfest.Ch!

#6 - Genetic MMO

Today everything was perfectly fine. Roger was chilling and Mad Kitten was running in the dungeons until... I'm sure you noticed Genetic Disaster is a 1 to 4 players cooperative game, right? Well today it was a 152 players multiplayer game. We had a small bug in the matrix: everytime we pushed a button another player "was" spawned, it end to be "Kitten Crew against poor loonely Roger". It's fixed now and we are back to the 4 players coop game.

Be brave Roger, life is tough but soon you'll have a bunch of friends too.

#3 - Spells are dead. Long live the flasks.

Our coffee-addicted designer has finally emmerged from the meeting room where he put down his tent for the past week. Even better, he came back with an other gameplay mechanic to replace the spells: since we are in a steampunk crazy universe he has conceived a throwing flasks mechanic inspired by mad scientists and alchimists.

Press a spell button and your character will grab a giant flask and throw it where you are aiming for, just as a bullet does. The flask will be propulsed and will break onto impact with a wall or an enemy. The "spell" is inside the flask. Now, to add a bit of "easy to learn hard to master", here a few subtelty": a flask can be triggered before impact if the player push again the button of the spell; if you have missed the ennemy you can still detonate your explosive flask instead of wasting it. Another subtelty allowed by this this system is to drop and intercept flasks, for example, Player 2 can intercept the flask of Player 1 and to throw it again. I've tried the prototype and I have to say it's very fun to troll-cooperate MEANT COOPERATE with your teamate this way.

Once more we're designing coop, it's the soul of Genetic Disaster.

#20 - Juicyness and chaos

Our new battle is to bring the juicyness in the game. More feedbacks about every action, smokes, lights, sounds, camera shakes and more. Chaos. Did I mention this will bring chaos? Bullet flying everywhere, object exploding in pieces, ennemies running in know, the usuals.

#17- First screenshot

It was about time! Sometimes we get so focus on the production that we forget we are developing this game for you, friendly gamers ;) On the screen you will be able to see the art style through the ennemies and environnement. We hope you like it, especialy our artists who are holding their breaths right now. So please share, like and react!

#14 - Gamesfest is ending

Second day is over a bit earlier than the first because we had to catch our train and go back in France. it has been another very interresting day as human being (I swear we are) and as Genetic Disaster's developers, we come back home with a lot of feedbacks and ideas to enhance the whole experience.The bad news is that we have to kill features; some of them just doesn't work and reworking them will not be enough. It was exhausting and now we are on the train where we can finaly sleep and dream of new features.

Thanks to everyone who came test the game, you have been (for the most larger part) very good playtesters and unbelievably friendly and understanding about the "under development" term. Thanks to Gamesfests for the invitation; but your hotdogs weren't edible : next time, I'll cook!

#11 - Our booth is up

Here we are. We've got the all event-survival-package: food, water, chairs, warm coats, backup medicine, backup controller, backup computer and backup builds of the game. Now we only have to hope you will be many to come and play Genetic Disaster.

#8 - We will be at Gamesfests

A few hours ago we've been invited to attend the Gamesfest event in Switzerland; an event promoting indie games in Switzerland but also to nearby europeen countries. For those who skipped geography class like me, we, as french developers, are only 4 hours from Switz, so here we go!
We will have a booth with four controllers and free concept art posters for you to play, die and retry! Gamesfest is two weeks away so we have a lot to do if we want to have a demo version. More news about the content of the Gamesfest version coming soon (actually, as soon as we'll know ourselves).

#5 - Procedural generation isn't cheap

In an earlier post we talked briefly about the rules that hold the Procedural Generation (PG) and I wanted to come back on a point I skipped rather quickly: room patterns. PG follows a set of rules defined by designers to build a dungeon. To build this dungeon the PG will search and select the right rooms to assemble together, meaning you have to create a library of several hundreds of room patterns to allow a maximum of possibilities. For example, a simple square room can have a lot of possibilities: Only one door open, so it's a dead end the game can use as such, or it can be a hub connector with four doors that the PG can use very easily. Every room exist with several possibilities (only one door, or three for example). To give you an idea of our objective regarding this huge-neverending-library of patterns, we estimate around 400+ patterns to create, each one of them with several possible configurations. Level designers are going to be busy.

Oh and after that quick step of making half a thousand rooms, artist have to scout the patterns one by one adding vegetations, decoration, lights... In the end, if you play 1 hour you will most likely see 1 to 2% of the total level design of Genetic Disaster.